Terms and Conditions


VAT and delivery costs will be added to prices, except on samples, where delivery to mainland UK addresses is included. Delivery prices to UK and international addresses will be supplied on application.

Mia Reay’s price list may be changed at any time to take into account market changes and costs.


Samples are provided for guidance only.

As the wallpapers are made to order in different production batches, small colour variations between the sample and delivered goods may occur and an exact colour match cannot be guaranteed.


All wallpapers are fabricated on a bespoke made-to-order basis and unless the orders are defective, they are non-returnable.


Wallpaper orders are subject to a minimum order quantity, which can change in keeping with market conditions. The minimum order quantity for any order will be subject to individual ranges in a specific colour and size option, and not to a total number of rolls ordered.

The minimum order quantity will be advised at time of order, or on request at any time before ordering. If an order is not placed at the time of minimum order confirmation, the minimum order quantity cannot be guaranteed.


All pro-forma invoices constitute an offer by Mia Reay Ltd to sell goods supplied by Mia Reay Ltd subject to these Terms and Conditions. The pro-forma invoice, together with these Terms and Conditions, shall form an ‘Agreement’ between Mia Reay Ltd and you, ‘the Customer’.

All orders will be confirmed by email in writing, along with an attached invoice to be paid on receipt. Invoices are valid for 14 days only, and any payments made after 14 days for an order may be subject to variations in prices, that in turn will be due before the order is fulfilled.

If a customer pays an invoice after 14 days from submission, and any price increase that subsequently occurs that requires an additional payment to fulfil the order is not accepted by the customer, then any payments by the customer will be returned in full.

Any orders received by telephone and subsequently confirmed by email and detailed on a pro-forma invoice are deemed to be confirmed once a pro-forma invoice is paid.

Payment of the pro-forma invoice will be accepted as confirmation of your order and acceptance of our offer, as per the details on the pro-forma invoice. Any subsequent change will be confirmed in writing, but once an order is paid, the fabrication process will start immediately and charges will be incurred. You are expected to verify that the pro-forma invoice and email confirmation show the correct ranges, colour options and roll dimensions that you require before you make payment.


Mia Reay Ltd shall retain the right to cancel your order (or any part of it) which has not yet been delivered and shall provide you with a full refund if this cancellation right needs to be enacted.


All orders are required to be paid in full before fabrication or dispatch. An unpaid pro-forma invoice does not imply a confirmed price for any period beyond 14 days.

Unpaid pro-forma invoices will be void after 14 days, and any payments made beyond 14 days may be subject to be returned to the customer with no requirement by Mia Reay Ltd to proceed with an order.

If a pro-forma invoice is paid after 14 days and the prices have remained the same or have decreased, then an order is subject to acceptance and the fabrication process will commence.


Production of your order will start when payment is received. A delay in receipt of payment will usually lead to a delay in the production of the order, and prices are only guaranteed for 14 days.


Cancellations or changes to orders must be confirmed in writing. Mia Reay Ltd will then endeavour to cancel or amend the order accordingly. If you need to increase your order, additional wallpaper will be fabricated, and our fabricators will endeavour to fabricate the whole of the order (including any additional rolls in the same range and colour) at the same time, thus guaranteeing consistent colouring and finish.

If this is not possible, we will advise the order has progressed beyond cancellation or amendment. In this situation, our fabricators will endeavour to match any additional order of the same range and colour to any already completed order, but this is not guaranteed.


Risk in the goods that you have ordered shall pass to you when they are received (confirmed by proof of delivery) or collected in person from our Lancashire or London dispatch addresses. Collection in person or by a courier of your choice will be subject to a signed collection note and photographic evidence of collection.

Title to the goods that you have ordered shall pass to you once the goods are received or collected, and Mia Reay Ltd has received payment from you in full and cleared funds for the goods.


Orders are dispatched from Mia Reay Ltd’s dispatch addresses using a variety of couriers. All deliveries are subject to proof of delivery.


Please ensure either yourself or the person receiving your order on your behalf should unpack and inspect the consignment immediately on delivery.

Please give Mia Reay Ltd notice in writing within 5 days of delivery if any of the goods are not in accordance with the confirmed order, or are damaged or defective, otherwise no claim can be made or accepted.

No claims can be accepted for orders that have been ordered in error. No claims can be made after the wallpaper has been cut or hung.

When an order is dispatched, notification will be made by email. Mia Reay Ltd cannot accept claims for non-delivery of the order unless notified in writing within 5 days of the agreed delivery date. For every delivery a proof of delivery can be supplied.


Mia Reay Ltd wallpapers are inspired by historical and contemporary works of art and design and nature amongst other things, and in all instances initially painted by hand. The wallpapers will therefore feature the individual differences and intricacies of hand drawn designs which Mia Reay has intended to be included in her artwork.

Any design, if repeated over a large enough area, will produce a dominant repeat of one or more elements, which Mia Reay does not consider a flaw but an attribute and as such will not accept claims against this feature.


Hanging instructions are supplied with every roll of wallpaper. All papers are designed to be hung onto pre-pasted walls, and specific instructions included with each roll are required to be followed in order for the wallpaper to look its best and to remain in the desired position on the wall. It is also recommended to cross line the walls with backing paper in preparation, in order to achieve the best possible end result.

Professional decorators are strongly suggested to facilitate all this, and no claim for any damage to the wallpaper will be accepted if the hanging instructions are not followed.


Mia Reay Ltd strongly recommend that when ordering wallpaper at least one additional roll is ordered to allow for under estimates and any future damage.

Please also refer to the hanging instructions which are included with every order. Mia Reay Ltd cannot accept any claims for shortages or damage caused by any reason of installation.


Mia Reay Ltd designs fully comply with all statutory requirements. All other warranties, condition or requirement otherwise implied by interior industry status are excluded.


Mia Reay Ltd may terminate the Agreement between Mia Reay Ltd and you ‘the Customer’ for any reason that does not have to be revealed. In that situation, any monies paid by yourself ‘the Customer’ will then be refunded in full.

Any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by yourself in connection with our withdrawal of fulfilment of order will not be accepted as our responsibility.